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Another of the Area's Original Lumber Yards is History.

This past week the lumber yard of the former Lumber Mart West location was demolished. Many bystanders came to watch as the buildings were torn down. Of those bystanders were Bob and Trent Peabody, the President and Vice President of Lumber Mart, Inc. "They're all gone," stated Bob after the buildings were torn down into rubble. "Robertson, Simonson, Irerland, Central, Lampert, Northwest, Gardner, Home, and Valley Lumber" he listed the areas previous lumber yards that are no longer here.

In 1994 Lumber Mart, Inc. acquired the Robertson Lumber yard at 32nd Avenue South after they closed down. Robertson Lumber had been around since the 1800's and their 32nd Avenue location was built in 1976.

In March of 2016 Lumber Mart announced that it would be opening a new location on South 20th Street, selling the former 32nd Avenue buildings to Natural Grocers.

Lumber Mart's East Grand Forks location was built in 1949 as Tomilson Lumber and then switched to Erickson Lumber Mart before becoming Lumber Mart, Inc. in 1982. This facility sits at the original location and is "the last one standing" of the original lumber yards in the area, Bob said.

"It's always sad to see our history disappear, but life is about change," said Bob when reflecting back on how hard it was to watch that much history be torn down. Although it was an emotional couple of days for both Bob and Trent they are excited to see where the new Lumber Mart West store will take them and their staff.

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